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  1. Jumping Jingle bells & Bless my buttons! You know I’ve been busier than a Reindeer on roller-skates and you know how busy that is! I’m sure you are just as busy too! With all that in mind, I wanted to remind you that when we’ve got so much going on that the times that we must stop and take a breath, and realize all the things that we have to be grateful and thankful for. Things like your family, your neighbors, your home, and your room. Do you know what Kringle reminds me quite often of? He reminds me that I have an assignment and knowing my assignment I stop and thank the Lord that He’s the one who’s keeping me healthy, equipped, and excited to reflect the true Giver. It’s at that moment I say, thank you Lord for all the wonderful children and their families, their best friends, pets neighbors help them to know your right there to help each one of them. I would like to ask you, what are you thankful for today?

  2. I know that you are often told this, but I want to say it once again. You are definitely not the typical Santa. You have a way of making people feel the most important, especially the children. At times, a child may be shy to see who this stranger is with the big full beard and then you talk to him or her, they relaxes and feels that they are the most important. Once a child wanted Dominoes and Santo was so impressed that the child also said that he wanted a new perspective and dominoes would help him see that new perspective . Santa was so impressed that a child had the understanding of perspective and that he also had the creativity to line the dominoes up and tip one and watch them all tumble. You truly are an amazing Santa, keep going the world needs a Santa just like you.

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